Sunday, 1 November 2009

Suggestions are open...

Yes, it almost time for the next Paper Chef Challenge.
Last month's winner, Dale from Home on the Range is primed & eager to select the ingredients for the 46th installment of this challenge.

As always we have a list of ingredients to start with, and we always welcome suggestions:
almonds, cream, prawns, pasta, pine nuts, salami, dried tomatoes, brown sugar, bread, butter milk, golden syrup, balsamic vinegar, goat's cheese, tuna, lamb, grapes, mushrooms, yoghurt, beans, spring onions, green tomatoes, carrots, broccolini, blood oranges, olives, mangoes, asparagus, cashew nuts, wasabi, cornmeal, cheese, pineapple, beef, fennel, lemon, honey, mint, beetroot, flour, green bell pepper, garlic, fish, eggplant, leeks, strawberries, Tofu, Rutabaga, Queso Fresco, Figs, Prawns, Pork, Apples, dried mushrooms, and Polenta.

From the final list Dale will select 3 random ingredients & a final 4th one of her own choosing.
So start suggesting & watch for the final selection to be posted shortly!

Please read the RULES and regulations if you are new and if you have any questions please contact us at: paperchef AT gmail DOT com.


The Constant Craver said...

tomatillos, pork, apples, jalapenos, eggs, sour cream, marscapone

Pia said...

Split peas, pumpkin, pomegranate.