Thursday, 12 November 2009

Paper Chef #46 - The Roundup

It is time for the roundup, this month's Judge, Dale from Home on the Range, was the one to choose, randomly, three ingredients from the ingredient list and then one of her own choice and the ingredients were pasta, beetroot, chevre and peanut butter. So let's get going with the entries, they are really creative and mouthwatering all of them!

First we have one blog, I could even eat a deer, and two entries, Jenny's and Marcus's, that's the way it goes when you cannot decide and I think it is an excellent solution! So first we have Jenny who created a incredible Chèvre mousse with beetroot, deep fried pasta and peanut butter caramel, a very creative choice!

Marcus on the other hand went Asian and serves us Deep fried Beetroot Skewers with Brunost Satay on a bed of Pasta, I especially like that he uses Norwegian goat's cheese, it has a particular flavour!

Mike of Spikey Mikeys went as far as making his own peanut butter and then went on creating Ravioli stuffed with Chevre & roasted Beetroot with a burnt butter & peanut butter sauce, a great choice!

Rudi of Off the Eaten Path has created something he calls "a fusion dish, combining Asian influences (pasta and peanut sauce) with French sensibilities (beets and chevre). In some respects, it's a layperson's 'wannabe Vietnamese,'" her Cross-cultural vermicelli is a very fresh and tasty entry.

And to finish we have Pauline's entry Beetroot Carpaccio with Orzo (I take it that orzo is a small pasta type and not the Italian orzo which is barley), a great interpretation of the four ingredients!

Impressive aren't they? I am really looking forward to see who will win, it will not be an easy choice I think!

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Pauline said...

Ilva, the type of pasta I used was made out of Durum wheat. The package originated from Greece.

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