Monday, 18 July 2011

Paper Chef #59 roundup

I'm late but I was hoping to see some late entries trailing in because not many have dared to enter this time, let's blame it on the quail which can be difficult to find but as you can see there are ways to substitute  an ingredient you can't find or you can't eat for some reason (well that post will be added soon, just waiting for the link!). When you do a Paper Chef challenge you need to think creatively not only about what to do with the given ingredients but also how to substitute them in case they are out of season, out of reach or out of your diet. So next time you see an ingredient that can be put in any of the categories above, just think and be creative and have fun-Paper Chef is all about expanding your horizon and limits and having fun doing it! OK? If Paper Chef is to be alive and kicking, please don't just wait for the baking challenges that are the easier ones, dare to cook up something different as well because we need a steady flow of entries here.

Now I will stop lecturing and get on with this short roundup, I am waiting for another entry (it being late is my fault!) from a new participant but I will add it as soon as it arrives.

The first to send in an entry was Karen from Prospect: The Pantry who is an oldie here on Paper Chef with several wins and many entries and I am very glad to see her back in the PC track again! She has made an interesting dish, well she is actually the only one using real quail in her Barbecued Quail with Cabbage Cucumber Slaw. I love that slaw idea, perfect in this heat!

Then last month's winner which means that she is the Judge this month obviously felt inspired and sent in an entry and that is perfectly great as long as she doesn't choose her entry as winner. But I doubt that Astrid of Paulchen's food blog? even touched on doing anything like that. She couldn't find quail so she used chicken in her Apricot-Lime glazed Chicken Wings, it sounds fantastic!

Then Meeta from What's For Lunch Honey? finally dared or more probably, had the time to participate in PC, I have been waiting for this a loong time because knowing how she works, I always thought that PC would fit her hand in glove, she is a very creative cook-just take a look at her Asian Chicken Red Cabbage and Peach Salad and you will see what I mean! She too had to substitute the quail with chicken.

This is the space where I will post the vegetarian entry that I am waiting for!

Thank you to all the participants and to all of you I send a plea - please try to participate in the next edition which will be the 60ieth!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Paper Chef #59 is on!

So it is time again to start moving those culinary grey cells you have inside your head and get creative because now it is Paper Chef time again. Do you want to know the four ingredients? OK, the randomizer came up with three ingredients and I have decided a theme because I like to vary a bit, always the same is just too boring. You want me to stop rambling and give you the three ingredients and the theme? All right: quail, cabbage and lime are the ingredients and the theme is....July. Yes, an ingredient that is typical where you live in July so there are no difference in difficulty for those who live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. (If you cannot find quail, you may use those very small chickens that are called Cornish hens if I am not mistaken)

Read the edited rules and regulations here, spread the word about Paper Chef, start thinking and get going! I am really looking forward seeing what you come up with this time!

Email us (paperchef AT gmail DOT com) the link to your entry sometime before midnight your time on Wednesday 12th of July, or if you don't have your own blog, send us the recipe and  eventual photos and they will be posted here.

Ready, steady...GO!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Time to add new ingredients!

It's getting closer to the big day, on Wednesday we kick off again so if you have any new ingredient suggestions, please add them here so I can include them in the ingredient draw in a few days time. Thank you!