Saturday, 19 June 2010

Paper Cher #53 - Winner!!!

Cathy from ShowFood Chef has selected the winner of this month's challenge. Find out who won HERE.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Paper Chef #53 - The Round Up

Well another Paper Chef Challenge has been completed.
Cathy from
ShowFood Chef is the judge this month and had the task of selecting the all important magical ingredients that make this challenge possible. Her selection of Dried Mushrooms, Thyme, Vodka & Salmon opened up a whole range of interesting ideas.

First this is Karen's
Salmon Terrine with Leeks and Mushrooms in Vodka Cream

Next we have Kizzy with a
Wellington of Salmon

And our last entry is from Pauline with a
Flammekueche and mushroom soup Flammekueche and mushroom soup

I also created a dish for this Challenge but due to a heavy workload was unable to write it up let alone post it.

So which one of these dishes will be selected the winner by Cathy? We'll find out soon!

Flammekueche and mushroom soup

Flammekueche is a typical dish from the Alsace region in Northeast France.
It's a type of flat bread usually topped with fresh cheese, fresh cream, onions
and bacon and baked in a stone oven. Traditionally, flammekueche are
served hot and the waiters set them on fire with a type of spirit.
My grandmother used to have a house in the Alsace so I enjoyed flammekueche
a couple of times as a child. I remember watching the chefs prepare them
and being very fascinated by the fire...

For this paper chef challenge I used wodka to light up my flammekueche
which worked really well, it kept burning for ages even though I only poured
a little on top of it... Instead of bacon I used pink salmon, because I figured
it would go well with the cream and onion and give a similar salty flavour
to the dish. The left-over fresh cream and some of the wodka formed the
basis for a mushroom soup which made a nice starter to the meal.

Flammekueche (2 p)

50 g of fresh cream
150 g of fresh cheese (quark)
2 onions, chopped into onion rings
5 sprigs of thyme
half a can of pink salmon (or 1/2 cup of bacon cubes)
1 ts of salt
olive oil
a little wodka to set it on fire
for the dough: 500 gr of self raising flour, 2 tbs of sunflower oil, 1 glass of water, a little salt

Mix the ingredients for the dough in a bowl and mix well. Use your hands to divide
it into 2 balls. Put a little flour on a kitchen top and roll the balls into large squares.
Make sure the dough is spread very thinly (thinner than when making a pizza).
Mix the fresh cream and quark with a ts of salt and spread the mixture on top
op the dough. Top the flammekueche with onion rings and salmon or bacon
and add the thyme leaves on top. Pour a little olive oil on top and let it bake in
a oven for 20 minutes at 200C. Before serving pour a little wodka on top and
light it for the flame effect. Enjoy!

Simple mushroom soup (2 p)
1 cup of dried mushrooms (I used canned mushrooms because I couldn't find dried ones)
1/2 an onion chopped into cubes
1 clove of garlic
1/2 cup of fresh cream
2 cups of chicken stock
1/4 cup of wodka
black pepper

Let the mushrooms well up in a little bowl with water. Heat up a frying pan and
fry the onion in a little butter. In the mean time heat up a large pan with the
chicken stock. Now add the garlic and the mayority of the mushrooms (keep
a few to use for garnish) to the onions and stir regularly. Add the onions and
mushrooms to the stock and then fresh cream, wodka, a pinch of nutmeg
and a little pepper. Stir well and let it cook for 15 minutes. Blend it in a
food processor. Heat again before serving and garnish with a few
sauted mushrooms.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

They're Here.....

Drum roll please....
Yes, Cathy from ShowFood Chef has selected this month's ingredients.
They are found HERE.

Send your entries to paperchef AT gmail DOT com before midnight Tuesday 8th next week, this will be fun!!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ingredients are on their way...

Cathy, our judge to the this month's Paper Chef, is travelling and has emailed that she will be posting the ingredients very shortly....
Nothing like a bit of anticipation, what will they be?