Friday, 8 May 2009

What to do before Tuesday

Dear people,

the ingredients are up so get in to the kitchen bring out the tools and get started (if you haven't already). This post is just meant as a little reminder about what to do.

- Sure, the first thing is easy. Make use of the ingredients picked by the lovely fairies of Bron.(I knew there was a reason to record 'Lord of the Ring'in New Zealand. Wonder if Bron looks a bit like Cate Blanchett?)

- Post your creation on your blog and e-mail me the link. Should you not have a blog then you can partake anyway. You just send me the text and image per mail at PAPERCEHF@GMAIL.COM and I will post it for you. This should take place before noon Wednesday.

- Then pull the cork, enjoy your food and have patience for me to make the round-up.

That's it until Bron aka Galadriel will sway her fairy magic stick and bring us a winner.

Have a great weekend and have fun cooking!

1 comment:

Bron said...

Look like Cate Blanchett?!... oh oh yes, how I wish!! hehe, afraid not however, thanks heaps Magnus for the giggle & reminder.