Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Round up Paperchef No. 40

I must say that this month's paper chef was more interesting than any before due to the ingredients or the lack of it. Or could one call Mother's Day an ingredient? Anyway, I like the fact that it opened up for massive interpretation, something that could be served specially for that day, something your mum loves, something your mum got you hooked on, something shaped or coloured in the feeling of such a day etc So apart from yummy prociutto, floury potatoes and thyme we'll see what the people came up with.

Let start with Tanna from a kithen in half cups. She made something she thought her Mum would have loved, a sweet thought. Her submission is marinated portobello with steamed potatoes, caramellized onions and sauteed prociutto.

Then we have a newbie with the very suitable name Thyme. She doesn't only shows us the dish if you click the link but we get to follow her all the way to bed. I know you wanna click that link now. For her first attempt at Paper Chef she came up with a lovely Potatoes with Prosciutto, Olives, Green Garlic and Thyme. Her mum loves ham and olives and is less keen on leaves (I love that kind of an oddity), I think she was very happy with the result.

The " Spanish" Samurai amongst us, Murasaki Shikibu, spilled her heart on her relationship with her mother. There are differences but we can all see that there is love in the ecvaction as well. What do you think of her Potatoe Croquettas of love? I think they are just adorable and would melt any mum's heart.

Mikey is a bad boy who didn't even mention his mother, what would she say?! Maybe that she would love some of the colorful gnocchi with rosemary flowers as the mother's day theme. Great addition!

Allison from the blog Local Lemons made my mouth water with her Thyme-buttered gnocchi with fava beans, walnuts and prosciutto. It is the fava bean that does it for me. She also added citrus and walnuts that must have made it super yummy.

From the rolling hills of Tuscany we are presented with a warm salad of roasted potatoes and a row of other tasty ingredients. She also tells about her fond memorys of having the first spring/summer potatoe given to her with pride by her mother. There are few things as a dirty little bulb coming straight from the ground to make us feel connected, with our past, nature, one's origin.

Hunger for new way found not only one way to prepare this month's ingredients. At the same time as enjoying the food you get a bit of a family saga, inspiration coming from Amandas grand mother, mother and her own motherhood. Go and have a look at her Mother's Day potatoes three ways.

These fantastic Potato Proscuitto And Matzo Balls make me not only want to eat them but also have a drink, that is a good sign in my world. There is nothing as boring as a drink without a nibble - well maybe a nibble without the drink... Drink or no drink, these look down right great.

Kristina the former chef that still spends a lot of time in the kitchen decided to do a brunchy dish since this was her Mother's Day connotation. She made a lush Frittata with Prosciutto, Potatoes & Thyme. Do go over and read her post, I just love a good instructional post. Here we get the step-by-step so it can't go wrong. Reading the post reminded me that I need to by a mandoline for my own kitchen. B-day is coming up so now I know. Thanks Kristina!

My fellow Swedes, who almost could eat a deer, came up with something different compared to the others. They went for a side dish, potatoe swirls from heaven. Their dish Lamb patties
with Thyme Scented Prosciutto-Potato Swirls with Chèvreand Spiced Red Wine Gravy
would make me a proud mum - if I was one. Basic things like fluffed up potatoes wrapped in salty fatty ham makes me tick.

Noodle Cook gave this beautiful dish the name SIMPLICITY. Let's keep it simpel and read for yourselves.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I absolutely enjoyed this one BUT once again I am stunned at how different each entry is ... amazing!

Ilva said...

wow! So many different and enticing entries, not to speak about your excellent roundup-Thank You Magnus!

Allison Lemons said...

All beautiful recipes, and so different. I really enjoyed this - I have to make a habit of entering this event every month.

katiez said...

This was such fun - and I love the variety of delicious entries...

Kristina said...

Wow! What a great collection of recipes. It was really fun to participate. I look forward to doing more.

Natashya said...

What great variety! Great entries, all.

Murasaki Shikibu said...

I guess this is what's so fun about Paper Chef. You get to see so much variety which is always inspiring, learn new things, and meet all these wonderful food bloggers. :)

Sneh said...

What an amazing roundup!! I just woke up and I am already hungry :-) It was fun being part of this :D Cheers!

Bron said...

Argghhh how in the world am I going to pick 1 ...just 1

I want them all!

This is going to need some serious consideration, I'm blown away!

2-minute Noodle Cook said...

Quoting from this excellent roundup, "lack of ingredients" was precisely what I had to work with! My mother makes a beautiful stock: even if there was nothing else in the pantry back those childhood years. Such a memory trip...

Lots of potato mind blowing potato ideas to try in the coming days.

Buon viaggio. said...

Great selection of recipes.
Now, I'm not sure if I'm to sleepy right now, but I can't find the link to vote.
Help please!

Bron said...

The fairies and I have posted our thoughts and our awards for all your lovely potato creations here =>
http://bronmarshall.com/?p=1302thank you!