Friday, 12 March 2010

Roundup #50-THE PARTY!

A big thank you for everyone who took part in this party, I am delighted to see so many great entries and they all make me feel hungrier and hungrier! As usual I should say, every edition confirms how incredibly creative you are and you manage to entice me every single time!
But let's get going, our gracious Judge, Karen from Prospect: The Pantry, picked the ingredients for this round: honey, ricotta, dill and eggs and we have in front of us a line-up of great dishes based on these ingredients:

First out was my great co-host Mike of Spikey Mikey, the nicest of people, and this time he had to fight storms and disaster to make his delicous Ricotta Fritters with Honey & Dill Mayonnaise, I am happy he managed despite all the problems!

Adele from Will Work For Biltong finally jumped on the train and joined us here on Paper Chef with her lovely Ricotta, dill and honey crumpets, maybe these will make her and her husband more inclined to get up early in the morning?

Pauline sent me her recipe of French quiche with ricotta and salmon marinated in honey, it sounds fantastic doesn't it?

Kizzy of Culinary Annotations is back with new creations, plural as usual, she unites Hungary and France in her two dishes, first she has a Hungarian Farmer's Cheese and Fresh Dill Tart that is followed by beautiful Asparagus and Ricotta Crepes!

And I am happy to see Bill of Bill's Brew-B-Que here again, this time he created these astounding Ricotta Stuffed Honey Gruit Pork Chops, a completely different take on the ingredients which yet again shows what a great event Paper Chef really is!

Cathy of ShowFoodChef managed to squeeze in some time to make her interpretation of the given ingredients, Real Dill Eggs: Baked w/ House Ricotta & Sweet Potato Petals, a wonderful dish for us to try out in our own kitchens!

Alessio of Recipe Taster dicovered the Paper Chef this week so I gave him some extra time to create his dish and I am very happy I did, I think you agree when I say that his Deviled egg with ricotta and dill mousse over a Honey-Dark Chocolate sauce were well worth waiting for!

Ricotta Dill Custards on Honeyed Carrot Puree, she couldn't not stand there without creating something on her own even though she knew that she can't be part of the competition and I am so happy she did because I love this creation from this month's Judge!

Thank you all again and Good Luck to Karen - what a hard choice to make this will be! I do hope I managed to do the right links etc., if I haven't let me know I will put it right next week when I come back from London!

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Adele @ WillworkforBiltong said...

Isn't the variety of dishes incredible? Love it, thanks very much.