Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Go for it!

The ingredients for Paper Chef's September edition are here! Thanks Deeba!
The most important rule is to have fun and to let your imagination go wild with the ingredients but for the more formal rules, see here and when you have posted your entry on your blog ( if you don't have your own blog you can send me your entry and I will post it here on the PC blog)please send in the url to paperchef AT gmail DOT com before (your) midnight Tuesday 8th September. I'm looking forward seeing what you come up with!


Tricia said...

I can't see a place to comment over on her blog, but I must say "excellent!" I was just hoping I'd have a chance to make something dessert-like based on my schedule the next few days. Based on these ingredients, it looks like I can!

Lori said...

These were great ingredients. I did a sweet creation instead of my normal savory. It was fun thinking about what to create.