Monday, 13 June 2011

Paper Chef #58 Roundup

Welcome back to a slightly extended Paper Chef challenge. Being the first Paper Chef challenge for quite a few months it was decided to extend the deadline for entries by a few days.
This months ingredients were selected at random, & after screening for compatibility, the chosen ones were: Bread, Chocolate, Berries & Lime.
Quite an interesting combination with lots of possibilities.
So lets see who came up with what. In no particular order we have:

Karen from Prospect: The Pantry with Chocolate Bread Pudding with Lime Custard and Strawberries

Sarah from Simply Cooked with Lime and Goji Berry Quick Bread with White Chocolate Drizzle

Jamie from Life's A Feast with Sweet Focaccia with Strawberries macerated in Lime Juice and topped with Chocolate Ganache

Jenn from Jenn Cuisine with Chocolate Berry Bread Pudding, Gluten Free

Simone from Junglefrog Cooking with Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse and Eggy Bread

Daniela from Hysteria Lane with Summer Pudding

Pille from Mani-Mani with Rye bread toasts with chocolate, strawberries and lime

Shafeena from With My Eyes Closed with Chocolate Berry Bread Pudding but with no picture of the creation

Mike from Spikey Mikeys with Chocolate French Toast with Berry syrup & Lime Cream

Alessio from Recipe Taster with Chocolate, Butter, Strawberries and an unexpected guest

Ishay from Food and the Fabulous with Dark Chocolate Creme Mille Feuille with Raspberries and Lime Zest Brittle

Ilva from Lucillian Delights with Marbled Chocolate Focaccia With Cherries and Lime Sugar

Joanne from Eats Well With Others with Blackberry Lime Bread Pudding

Astrid from Paulchens Foodblog with Austrian Scheiterhaufen with a modern twist

Aparna from My Diverse Kitchen with Eggless Spiced Cranberry And Chocolate Bread Pudding

And one final entry from Mona at Wise Words who's entry Raspberry Bread Pudding with summer berries and lime whipped cream on a bed of chocolate sauce got lost in internet space.

So there we have our 15 16 entries. It always amazes me the no two are ever alike! This month's judging will be done my the Paper Chef hosts, but from next month the judging will be done by the previous winner.


Srivalli said...

Beautiful recipes. Those are some really innovative to check them all..

WiseMóna said...

Wow - they are all very different and I'll bet tasty too!
Thank you for adding my entry.

Aparna said...

This was fun, amnd am glad I could make it. :) Lot of us thought bread pudding, I can see.
Really interesting variety of dishes!