Saturday, 14 May 2011

We're Back!

After a slightly longer than expected break, the Paper Chef is back!
There's been a bit of brain storming during the break & there are some changes to the Paper Chef challenge with the aim of keeping it interesting.
First up, the creator of the Paper Chef, Owen, is back on board as one of the hosts, along with Ilva & Mike. The three of us will rotate as the monthly host of the challenge.
Next, we welcome & encourage you to keep submitting your idea's & suggestions for ingredients and themes, whether as comments or via email (paperchefATgmailDOTcom). From this list, the host will then select the three random ingredients & either a fourth ingredient or a theme. Having the host select the ingredients will ensure that they are reasonably compatible, not too obscure, and posted on here in a timely fashion.
& Finally, judging. This will remain as it always has, with the previous month's challenge winner selecting the new winner & posting there choice on their blog.
If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let us know.
There's a couple of weeks till the first challenge, so please start sending in your ingredients!


2-minute Noodle Cook said...

Welcome back! I nominate apple!

Jamie said...

I've never participated and want to! We now have strawberries showing up on the market. How about those?

The Constant Craver said...

Welcome back!! rainbow chard :)

sarah said...

It's wonderful to see things are ramping up again. I would love to try something new with carrots.

Karen from Prospect the Pantry said...

Excellent! Welcome back. I was wondering why I've been getting so many look-sees on my previous P.C. posts. This is one of my favorite blogs, so count me in. I'd be happy with any seasonal ingredients, knowing that what's seasonal here in East Coast US may not be in Australia or Italy.

Nic said...

I'd love to have a go too, looking forward to seeing what this weeks ingredients are.

rado said...

i m definitely in...i submit capres...coz i love them :)