Saturday, 13 February 2010

Paper Chef #49 - The Round Up!

Sorry about the delay with the round up, but we had a pretty severe thunderstorm here in Melbourne & we had to suffer a blackout & then no Internet for 2 days!!
Enough of the apologies & onto something more interesting, the round up for this month's Paper Chef!

As last month's winner, Cath from
ShowFood Chef had the fun of selecting the ingredients. Her random selections were: Prawns, Fennel, & Sweet Peppers and a fourth ingredient of, a theme: Passion.
Very interesting ingredients, which I personally liked!

So what did everyone come up with......

First up we have a non-blogger, Bill, with
Mothership Wit Superbowl Skewers. Perfect watching the Superbowl with the boys.
** Amendment: Bill does have a blog & posted his entery at Bill's Brew-B-Que **

Next there is Karen from
Prospect: The Pantry with a delicious looking Seafood Pot Pie with Fennel and Peppers.

Markus & Jenny of
I could even eat a baby deer! created a tropical dish of Prawns meet Peppery Passionate Pineapple

The lovely co-host of Paper Chef, Ilva has created a
Fennel Seed And Grappa Infused Prawns with Chickpea Puree and Grilled Red Peppers.

Kizzy from
Culinary Annotations created an intriguing
Prawns with Fennel, Sweet Peppers and Cognac.

Last entry is me, Mike, from
Spikey Mikeys with an interesting Prawn & Fennel Rice Paper Rolls.

This is what I love about Paper Chef, 6 entries, 6 different creations! So if you're reading this & thinking to yourself "I would have made.." then next month's Paper Chef starts March 3rd. So what's stopping you from participating?

Cath will shortly select this month's winner & they will select the ingredients & then the winner of the next challenge, a special one at that - the big "five O" yes the 50th Paper Chef.

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Mikey said...

I just amended the post as Bill does have a blog ** Amendment: Bill does have a blog: Bill's Brew-B-Que