Thursday, 10 December 2009

Paper Chef #47

For this month's challenge we started off with a totally empty pantry - just a theme of Christmas.
We asked for ingredients to stock our pantry and the suggestions flowed in.. From this newly stocked pantry last month's winner, Jenny from
I could even eat a baby deer! , rummaged around and came out with the 3 random ingredients of mustard, thyme, & saffron, and then selected the fourth ingredient of her own choosing - ham.
Those that took up the Challenge were:

Pauline with her
Ham and cheese croquetas with salad and mustard dip

Ilva, of
Lucullian delights created a Saffron Breaded Ham with a Mustard seed, Thyme & Pecorino filling

Bron Marshall we have Bron's Little Ham, Cranberry and Saffron Rice Stuffing Cakes

And Karen from
Prospect: The Pantry with a mouth watering assortment of appetisers

The task is now upto Jenny to select a winner, and from this selection it will be hard!!

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Ilva said...

Mike, a late Thank You for the fine roundup!