Sunday, 28 June 2009

Time for new ingredients

OK, it's time to suggest new ingredients for the list, July's Paper Chef kicks off on Wednesday so get going. Last month's winner Kristina of Former Chef is going to post the 4 ingredients on her blog on the 1st of July and you have time until Tuesday 7th to send me your entries to paperchef AT gmail DOT com. But first, let's focus on the ingredient list, I will post a link to Kristina's blog post next week!

Eggs, Rocket, Almonds, Lentils, Sunflower seeds, Raspberries, Cream, Ricotta, Pasta, Pine nuts, Salami, Dried tomatoes, Brown sugar, Corn, Bread, Butter milk, Golden syrup, Strawberries, Balsamic vinegar, quail, goat's cheese, green tea, lamb, Aubergines, Fresh Chilies, Lemon Verbena, Grapes, Mushrooms, Dark Chocolate, yoghurt, kidney beans, spring onions,green tomatoes, carrots, Broccolini, blood oranges, olives, Kidneys, mangos, cashew nuts, Wasabi, cornmeal, asiago cheese, edible flowers, couscous, pineapple, pork, avocado, chicken, tarragon