Saturday, 31 January 2009

Give me your favourites for Paper Chef 37.

These are the ingredients so far:
Mussels, pear, cream, cinnamon, bulgur, liver, tomatoes, apples, smoked meat, mango, cucumber, parsnip, yoghurt, raspberries, coffee, potatoes, beetroot, beef, leek, egg, orange, flowers, duck, rice noodles, garden peas, sun dried tomatoes, lentils, fillet of pork, rosemary, alcohol, oregano, cheese, bananas, mustard seed, glasswort, carrots, poppy seeds, sage, lime. almonds, coffee,chicken, peanuts, raspberries, wasabi, shrimp, lime.

Trust me these are totally random, sitting with my first coffee on a Saturday morning how could it be anything else but random, and I need your help. Please add to the list in the comments here below.

On Wednesday lovely Terry will put the final choice of ingredients plus her own personal addition to the list.

Let's get this party started!


Ea Ejersbo said...

Sage, lime, almonds. :)

Navita said...

yogurt, coffee, mango

Jim said...

Chicken, peanuts, rasberrys

Anonymous said...

Wasabi, shrimp and lemon

Champsleeve said...

Brussels sprouts, black beans, and parsley.

Angela said...

garden peas, shrimp, cream