Thursday, 13 November 2008

Paper Chef 34- The Roundup

This month's Paper Chef Roundup is not written by Ilva, so please do not blame her for any mistakes with the posting. Nor can you blame her if the text bores you to tears. Then it is all my bad. FIY, it is Magnus writing so you know whom is to blame for real.

It is not only the first time that I will do the roundup, it was also the first time for Terry to partake in the Paper Chef challenge. So let’s all stand up in front of our computers to welcome Terry. So let’s start with Terry from
Taste Adventures who made a tasty looking Smoked Turkey Hash with Lentil Griddle Cakes

Next up is Tricia from the blog
Jonski Bloski who took a minimalist approach to the challenges with her Turkey Lentil Chile Squash Stew Let’s just say that she pulled it off only using a pinch of salt as an additive to the purity of the 4 ingredients. However, she was planning on other ideas which had to be put aside due to lack of ingredients. Go to her blog and tell her that we want to see those things too.

Hank from
Hunter Angler Gardener Cook came up with a Wild Turkey Carnitas made of a turkey not shot by him but Holly – a woman that would scare the shit out of me. Read the part of snake shooting on her blog and you will understand what I am talking about. The link you will find in Hank’s entry.

Lori from
Lori’sLipsmacking Goodness was putting herself down by saying that she didn’t make the most inventive dish. How could anyone with that blog title say such a thing? She made a lovely Turkey and Lentil Burger.

The dogs must have been mad of hunger when Natashya cooked her Moroccan Spiced
Turkey Roll on a bed of Ginger Scented Squash Purée. It took some time to make it but I am sure it was worth it all. Pop over to her blog Living in the Kitchen with Puppies for a look and some inspiration.

There was yet another début in this round. It is Mike who started his new blog,
Spikey Mikeys, and honored Paper Chef 34 by putting this entry as the first post in his new blog. Congratulations with your new blog! However, Mike is no newbie. He has been around for a while with another blog he had together with his partner Paul. So there is some fierce competition here with his well composed Poached Turkey (chicken) breast with marinated peppers on a bed of Bondi (french) Lentils and roasted caramelised butternut pumpkin.

To be or not to be was not the question in Tanna’s kitchen of half cups. No, it was all about squash or pepper to stuff in that kitchen. In the end she ended up choosing for all of it. Bless her. And I do hope she is feeling better. To get the full picture of filled peppers, pumpkins and
unfortunately also a nose – click this link.

We already have a winner among the contestants. It is Denise at Chez Us who won for her Thanksgiving side dish at Chow Food Fight. Congrats, Denise. Well, let’s she if she did it again with her Turkey breast on a bed of Pumpkin and Lentils.

Last but not least we have Ilva, who needs no further presentation, and her impressive and somewhat odd 3-course menu. I must say that turkey in a dessert would not be my choice but if some one can make it work it is Ilva. And to be honest, I would be more than happy to have her dessert with a tiny piece of turkey. Of course we should not forget the rest of this fantastic menu. Have a look and judge for yourselves. You will have to scroll down a few entries.

A special honorable mentioning has to be made.
Pia from Serendipity, Synchronicity and Saffron actually went so far as to call the Mexican embassy on how to get hold of Anaheim peppers. You rock girl! However she ended up going on a trip instead of staying in the kitchen so we won’t see any cooking from her in this month’s PC.

At some point I might still get a link to the creation of Belly Timbers own Robin. I will not post my judging until after the weekend. So Robin get that blog of yours redone and you are still in the game.

Here it it is!

PS.Sorry there is something wrong with the htlm. I am a far better cook than programmer so it will have to stay that way. D.S

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Natashya said...

A wonderful assortment of very creative meals. Congrats to everyone, beautifully done!

Murasaki Shikibu said...

Thanks for posting, Magnus - and you're very funny. :)

All the entries look good as usual - I think it will all be a matter of personal preference in the end who will win!

Pia said...

Good job Magnus and thanks for the honorable mention. I agree with Murasaki, you are quite funny!
Have a great weekend.
X0X0 from Brazil.

Lori said...

I just love this Paper Chef. WHat fun! What inventive and creative people!