Wednesday, 11 June 2008

PAPER CHEF 30 - The Roundup

Just take a look here! We've got a beautiful PaperChef event logo that has been graciously created by Toontz of Okara Mountain who heard my cry for help and stretched out a helping hand! Thanks a lot for this, I really appreciate it, yet another proof of what great community the food blogging community is! I will post two sizes of it every month when I announce the event and feel free to lift it and use it when you blog about your entries!
Good news, this month we have seven entries and I hope this is just the beginning! I am specially happy as all the entries are very good so The Judge will have a real hard time deciding he he!

First to send me her entry was Maybelle's Mom from Feeding Maybelle who despite no electricity and an impressive coming and going of cousins and aunts managed to make a wonderful Orange Curried Lamb with Toasted Buckwheat in Tangerine Vinegrette. That's dedication!

Natasha of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies made Greek Style Lamb Pot Pies, small but beautiful pot pies full of taste that would satisfy even the most difficult of guests!

Buckwheat galettes filled with ground lamb & peas and served with a leek soubise. That is the impressive creation by my friend Mike from Eat Me! who was inspired by his grandma's meat filled crepes.

Another good friend of mine has sent me an entry for the Paper Chef, Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups, she made Kefta Varnishkas, an intriguing mix of Moroccan and Russian cooking that shows how good it can be to mix cultures!

This was Melissa's of Alosha's Kitchen first food blogging event and it seems to me that she got the Paper Chef spirit straight away, it's all about challenging yourself to be creative within a relative restricted frame, i.e. 4 ingredients, and to use new ingredients or at least use them in new ways, not so much about winning the event. Well that is how I feel about it anyway and that is why I love the PC. Melissa made appetizing Lamb and Buckwheat meatballs with Pea and Leek Purée, check out her excellent serving suggestion at the end of the post!

Hank of Hunter Angler Gardener Cook came up with a Spring lamb sugo where he got to make buckwheat pasta and a tasty lamb sugo to go with it, he says it was time consuming (as all sugo making is) but I'm sure it was worth it!

And to finish the roundup, I made Pea and Leek Broth with Lamb Fricadellen and Buckwheat Dumplings over at Lucullian Delights

A big Thank You to all participants, you saved the Paper Chef this month and I am deeply impressed by your creativity!

Now you have to VOTEVOTEVOTE for the People's Choice of June!

People's Choice for June
Maybelle's Mom's Orange Curried Lamb with Toasted Buckwheat in Tangerine Vinegrette
Natasha's Greek Style Lamb Pot Pies
Mike'sBuckwheat galettes filled with ground lamb & peas and served with a leek soubise
Tanna's Kefta Varnishkas
Melissa's Lamb and Buckwheat meatballs with Pea and Leek Purée
Hank's Spring lamb sugo
Ilva's Pea and Leek Broth with Lamb Fricadellen and Buckwheat Dumplings
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Hunter Angler Gardener Cook said...

Hmmm...lots of good entries. Gotta say that although I of course would vote for me, I like the galettes and your broth with dumplings a lot.

Natashya said...

These all look amazing, what a creative bunch we are. I must say, I have a thing for kefta! (my vote!)
I will go visiting later, I am installing a small pond with hubby and just stopped in for a quick peek.

melissa said...

Hee!! This was so much fun. Thanks Ilva. Can't wait to do it again. :)

Lilian said...

I really wish I'd had time to participate in this month's Paper Chef (especially as buckwheat was an ingredient I'd suggested). All of these submissions look delicious. Being a lover of dumplings, I had to cast my vote for Ilva, however.

melissa said...

Sorry about my mistake with the buckwheat! Or lack of buckwheat, as it were. No biggie to me, I just wish I had known. I am still a relative beginner though, so I'll know the differences at some point. Live and learn. :)

Natashya said...

I got to visit all of you today and was delighted with the dishes. Tanna, I am sorry but the computer gods would not let me leave you a comment.
Great job everybody!

Anonymous said...

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