Sunday, 1 June 2008

Rules and regulations

So what is this Paper Chef about really?  Owen of Tomatilla, created Paper Chef back in 2004, basing it on the TV show Iron Chef and its British equivalent Ready, Steady, Cook: a set number of ingredients, a restricted amount of time and one person cooking and creating something out of it. And that is what it is all about here, a creativity challenge that pushes you to hopefully think in new ways about food and cooking!

The first whole week of every month will be dedicated to Paper Chef so you can note that down. In addition to the judge's/judges' choice, we also have People's Choice were readers can vote for their favourite. The winner of the Paper Chef (the one crowned by the judge or judges) will be the judge the following roundup the month after so be prepared to do that when you enter the competition. Yet again, Paper Chef is about being creative and discovering your non-limits in the kitchen, I promise that you will surprise yourself once you get going!

So the 4 ingredients chosen by the PC host of the month (at least 3 randomly chosen from the list and if the host of the month feels like it, a theme) will be announced on the first Wednesday of the month on the Paper Chef blog and then you have until Tuesday noon (where you live) to send it to paperchef AT gmail DOT com. The roundup will be posted here and the winners will be announced first on the judges blog and then here.

When you create your entries you have to use all four of the ingredients but you are obviously allowed to add other ingredients as well. You can make more than one dish but only if they all contain the 4 ingredients. If you are a vegetarian, vegan or suffer from food allergy or intolerance or cannot eat certain food for religious reasons you are allowed to substitute whatever it is you cannot eat with something similar that you can eat. If you can't find an ingredient because of wrong season or because it is impossible to find them where you live, you can substitute it with something similar. 

Photos are not necessary and I would like to point out that it's the recipes that are being judged, not the visual result. If there is a particular photo of your entry that you would like to be posted in the roundup please include it (or a link to it) in your entry email.

This is a one entry event, i.e. don't use it for other events because Paper Chef deserves to be the one and only one. Include the recipe of your entry dish in the blog post, link back here, send us the link to your blog post to paperchef AT gmail DOT com end above all, enjoy yourself! If you dont have a blog, send us the text/recipe and photos if you have any and we will post it here on the PC blog for you!

Do you have a question? Read this carefully again and if it is still there, fire away!

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NKP said...

When I read "maraschino cherries, english mustard, liver and suet" I started to cry from uncontrolled laughter. Then I emailed my husband and told him it was going to be in his dinner.
I have a busy weekend but hope to be able to play on Monday.

Anonymous said...

I may miss this one, but now I know about the time frame, I plan to get on this! It sounds like so much fun! I actually put a dish together in my mind for this round, but didn't have time to cook this time around. I can't wait to see what the recipes submitted are!